About us

Strong Reaction Music is an artist development company. Our goal is to promote exciting new talents, singers, bands and songwriters providing them with our experience in contemporary music, production and career management as well as our international network in the entertainment industry. We offer a all-in-one solution to get careers started or take them to the next level.

Today s talented artists are facing big difficulties in finding the right way into the music-business. So the choice of elaborating a proper musical concept, working with the appropriate producer or finding world class songs is often left apart by unqualified personnel or so-called – agents – looking for financial participation rather than taking care of getting the best results out of an artist.

Unlike managers, agents or producers, artists should remember that they have only ONE career. So why should they keep wasting precious time, energy and money? It is simply not easy to find the right people who really work hard for an artist and have a competent background in this industry, which is necessary to make a career happen!

This is where the experience of the Strong Reaction Music team comes in!

Some of our staff at Strong Reaction Music have been artists before as well, and have paid their dues on an international level.

Strong Reaction Music work with top producers, songwriters, arrangers, musicians with international credits as well as chart toping projects at their disposal.

Strong Reaction Music is closely linked to BMG International Publishing as well as Universal International Publishing delivering regularly song material for international performers.

Strong Reaction Music also acts as a management company collaborating with local agencies in the targeted markets.

The producers of Strong Reaction Music work in some of the world s most famous studios allowing us to produce top sessions, from RnB to Rock or Classical music, from newcomers to established artists.

Shortly put: We are able to cover every aspect from talent scouting, production to licensing deals in a professional and controlled manner.

So welcome to Strong Reaction Music!