Music production

Strong Reaction Music provides exellent music production services in a wide variety of styles, from r n b to pop, rock, adult contemporary pop or dance we have always the right team for you. We take care of each project with great attention and work only with the best people of their fields in a very cost effective way. We can look back on many international succesfull major releases.


  • Deep Trip TV&Games
  • Yvonne CatterfledMeine Welt
  • CarnationCartagena, Colombia
  • The Rambling WheelsFurry Tales
  • NazarethBigDogs
  • Take Me HomeKids Of The Night
  • Deep TripDeep Trip
  • Gavin DegrawLive Recordings
  • NazarethThe Newz
  • ReaseEvery Right Turn
  • The Rambling WheelsThe 300k Cats of Bubastis
  • ClariceThe Words Of A Lovesong