Take Me Home

Galvanized by their success on stage and in the charts, the Take Me Home continue to assert itself as one of Switzerland’s most dynamic groups. After releasing their first album Please!, they come back with The Kids of the Night, a second stay in the studio with indie rock’s  alchemy more electronic.

Take Me Home is a pop-rock story of three that shakes the musical quadrature and no artistic or geographical borders. It is a story of Berlin’s nights brought on the shores of Geneva’s Lake, and the confirmation of a Swiss group whose dimensions are both national and European.

After the surprising performance of their first album Please!, The Take Me Home feel ready to go further and with eclectism that reconciles the UK indie scene, the Parisian French Touch and legacy of the clubbing of 1990 and 2000. As to better reflect the aspirations of a young multi-faceted, fascinated as much by the freedom of the rock by the breath of minimal techno: a indie club generation.

Their new album, The Kids of the Night, reflects this new (passed) step. “During the development of this second project, we wanted to fully explore the encounter between pop instrumental, vocal and electronic explain the three boys. Our music reflects our love of the party and is resolutely optimistic. “The result: 11 tracks produced by the English James Lewis who know how to move your feet and refresh you head, chiseled in powerful and light atmospheres.

Since 2006, Take Me Home sharpen a songwriting and very special sound. It all starts in the German capital, where the creative Europe crystallizes the trends of tomorrow. The Geneva guys breath the trends in the palm of clubs til late in the night. The day in a three-piece resonates Prinzlauerberg inspirations captured with guitar in hand and laptop under the fingers. In the evening mixtape in their pocket, musicians roam the Pop kom Festival. They remember, “We came into directly contact with professionals, they are dealt in cash, to make them listen to our music.”

Back in Switzerland. Alex, Claude and Patrick record a pop-rock EP with influences still very British. The public enjoyed it, and the trio started to tour for nearly two years,  victim of success that leads to the Montreux Jazz Festival Gurten. With new songs they recorded “Please!” in 2009, A debut album in both vitamins and innovative, recorded at Telstar Studio in Munich.

Please! charts second in sales in cede.ch, the largest platform in Switzerland discography. The very punchy single “Never Gonna Stop” conquers all national radio stations and many TV channels, including MTV. Compilations “Swiss Label 2010″ and “Demotape Clinic 2010″ select the title to represent the cream of contemporary music Helvetic. The group sells more than 2,000 physical copies, and as many fans flocking to Facebook. Meanwhile, over 50 live dates adorn the agenda of Take Me Home.

On YouTube, their harvest Room Sessions over 60’000 views and the project allows you to discover the group exclusive reinterpretations of Helvetic other artists. As for The Kids of the Night, they flesh out a new show that allows unprecedented dialogue stage performance and video. An experience to live now.